This is just a rough guide that can be used to come up with an approximate amount that it may cost to have a sight developed. There are so many variables that can affect pricing, including how quickly you want it done. I can have it made yesterday, but it will cost more than if you want it tomorrow, which costs than if you want it next week. Also, these prices are not fixed, it's just a rough guideline.

Options Price
Price per page, content supplied by the customer and ready to go.
(This does not include hosting. 5 page minimum.)
Price per page, basic information, basic concept. $10.00 per page plus related prices below
Photoshoot, 1 outfit/location
(Example: headshots, band photoshoot, store location)
Photo editing, basic crop and colour correction $5.00 per photo
Photo editing, alterations and heavy adjustements $20.00 to start
Logo / Branding graphic
$20.00 to start
Digital Reproduction
scanning, basic crop and colour correction
$15.00 per item
Digital Reproduction
scanning, and full restoration
$20.00 per item to start
Updates $5.00 per update, per page
Private Hosting
At cost, plus $20 for handling