The Howling Odyssey - Prologue

This begins the story of The Howling Odyssey. Which at the time of writing this is October 17, 2014. It is unknown at this time how long the story will go on for, but it starts here. This album is to let you in on the things to come and the main characters in this epic tale.

The album begins with Crooked Little Tree which is the story of two men being marched to their death at the hands of a woman, that they clearly see as being evil. Their fear and dignity while heading to execution is only the first half of the spiritual chaos that immediately follows their untimely demise.

This brings our dead anti-heroes to the White Room. A place in which they can recount their lives and the influences that pushed them along the way. They see the images and shadowed memories as a barage of imagery.

We then get a flashback to our Mistress of Murder singing the praises of her naughty behaviour in Dance On Your Graves. This is looked at as both a reflection and her emotions at the time of the incident.

Ignorant Twat is the murder victims getting all fired up about what they are going to do to this bitch that put them in a shallow grave. They see her acting like some high class, socialite princess, when they know where she found them, and what she did. For this they vow vengence.

Suicide Sunshine is how they drive her crazy, and tell her they will not kill her until she comes begging. Although, they keep warning it really will never end.

That's followed up by She Comes Dying in which she comes begging, and they deliver and help her shuck off the mortal coil. However, in the after life sometimes you never get what you think you bargained for.

This then takes a side step to introduce you to The Driver, who's ending is told in The Horsemen's Last Ride. It's the tale of a man hurtling through space into eternity.

The album ends with The Howling Odyssey (prelude), which is the combustion of all four spirits coming together as a greater whole for the first time. In which they head off on their first journey.