If you feel the need to define The Howling Odyssey, Classic Heavy Rock would be a great term. While not directly inspired by all the major players, at least one member of the band can say they were influenced by Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd or Rainbow. Which were some of the heaviest bands to play the globe. Other influences are clearly there as well, but those may be some of the most noticeable bands in this group of musicians' current set list of original music.

There are a few key elements to this band. The first is that they are an album kind of band, that is against using filler. While every song may not be a single, to some people, album cuts need to be just as good. The reason so many of those great bands are still revered today is that they didn't release albums full of fluff. They had 45 minutes to release eight to ten tracks of amazing bliss. So, as a golden rule, no album from The Howling Odyssey will be more than 45 minutes. However, there are always bonus tracks to help fill out a CD. Also, individual songs will be available for download as well.

Which brings us to the fact that this band has three levels of recording which will spawn at least two albums every time. We write and put our songs together as a band, each one evolving from a jam live off the floor. Then the song is blue printed around that. Those blue prints are the Leaked Demos. Then there's what the band refers to as Live Off the Floor albums, and these represent what the band would sound like (sort of, and we'll get to that) live with only the four core musicians. Which brings us to the Studio albums. The big heavy produced albums, where there is no way in hell this could ever be reproduced live, unless the band has a touring group larger than Guns 'N Roses during the Illusions.

Going back to that live representation and bonus tracks mentioned, this band is also about experimenting with their music. The Howling Odyssey was born out of being a Jam Band, and part of that element will alway be there. So they record many different sessions, and variations of songs emerge everytime, just to keep it interesting, or to fit the mood that day.

The last, and some may argue most important part of this band and their music, depending on whom you ask, is that you can groove to it in the bedroom. Every track this band has crafted to date has a rhythm that's been tested to get it on to. Some may be fast and hot tempoed while others are slower and slither through you. Either way, enjoy! You can move to this stuff, so boogie on.

This is a group you are going to want to check on regularly as the momentum builds, because this is a journey that will take you places.