The Howling Odyssey - Drewcifir Worked A Double (Detroit River Surf)

Andrew "Drewcifir" Kell, got stuck working a double on Dec. 19, 2014. This led to Andria Walker, Jay Robson and Christian J. Eschbach to have to play and record without him. So, the Howling Odyssey were left doing what they do best, which is jamming out live off the floor. This resulted in a rapid fire live EP, Drewcifir Worked A Double (Detroit River Surf).

Running just a little over 21 minutes with 7 songs, this album combines two styles of music that spanned the 1960's. Surf Rock from the early part of the decade, and Detroit Garage Rock from the later half of the decade are presented in a selection of instrumental tracks that will make you want to get your boogie shoes on.

The album starts with Prime Minster Strut (GST Confidence), which is a big thick, heavy stomping track. It let's you know there's some thundering attitude that needs to be blown off.

Next is the swerving and curving She Snakes, not as in female snakes. Think of it as Andria snakes around with the notes on her bass riff.

Young Girl, Old Soul is the longest song on the album. This is the softest song on the album. Mixing a naughty sexuality with a tender touch, and then wrapping it all up in fishnet body suits or black lace. Set the mood with some candles and you have the perfect seduction.

Cheetarah is wild, vibrant, and just a whole lot of energy being expelled with jubilation and reckless abandon.

You can't surf on the Detroit River, but if you could this song would cover what that might sound like. On both side of the river are fallen industrial cities belonging to two different countries. However, these cities keep pushing on. Detroit River Surf combines that Surf Rock feel, with a very metallic machinery sound that recognizes the hometown surroundings of this band.

Moving along with an auto industry motif Carving The Die, right from the first moment it was played, sounded like some one was trying to replicate what it was like to work in tool and die, and to get off work on a Friday to head out and enjoy the hot sticky nightlife.

The Album finishes with the title track Drewcifir Worked A Double. The song isn't named after any specific sound, or style, or theme, or vibe. Very simply put, the band missed one of their key members, so they made sure to include Drewcifir in any way they could.

They say that no matter how hard you try you can never capture a sound from the old days. You will never be able to digitally record, and replicate the beauty of analog albums. The Howling Odyssey, in their usual manner said, "Fuck that!" So, they laid down an awesome EP just like every other band in the old days used to do it. They hit record, played the hell out of their music, and made damn sure that it sounded as authentic as their love for Surf Rock and Detroit Garage Rock.